It’s finally arrived! The Rancilio Silvia Home Coffee Machine Range


We are very excited to announce that we are now stocking the new Rancilio Silvia home espresso machines new for 2020: the Rancilio Silvia E V6 and the Rancilo Silvia Pro Dual Boiler! These are two of the hottest home espresso machine models to launch this year and in this article, I will explain why these machines are a great buying choice for you as either a new investment or an upgrade.

Rancilio Silvia E V6

Let us start with the Silvia E V6. This new and improved 2020 model of the long-standing best seller is perfect for any budding coffee enthusiast looking to take the first step and invest in their own home’s espresso machine.

Firstly, the Silvia E V6 has a practical compact design and it is even smaller than your air-plane hand luggage! This makes it perfect for squeezing even into the smallest kitchen and it’s simple yet sleek design will fit any décor.

This machine also combines the perfect level of professional performance and reliability while still being very affordable. Although purchasing a cheap espresso machine for your first can often be tempting, their lack of reliability means they often need more frequent maintenance and replacement which will cost you more time and money in the long run! Therefore I would highly recommend investing in a mid-price range machine such as this, as by paying that little bit more, you are ensuring that your machine will be far more reliable without necessarily breaking the bank.

Lastly, its simple and easy-to-use design means that it is very beginner friendly! Even the most novice of budding home baristas will have no problems making the perfect cup of coffee on this machine and now its even easier on this new 2020 model. Its new stainless-steel steam wand and redesigned switch button and group head cover not only improve the appearance of the machine but also its ease to use.

Rancilio Silvia PRO Dual Boiler

On the other hand, the Rancilio Silvia Pro Dual Boiler is the perfect upgrade for any home barista looking to take their coffee to the next level. This model of machine is the newest home espresso machine by Rancilio and combines the best features of the popular Silvia model, while adding advanced mechanics to bring you much more control over your espresso.

It stands a little larger than the Silvia E V6 but remains compact and similar in design. This larger size is primarily due to the inclusion of dual boilers which allow the user to be able to have different individual temperatures for coffee extraction and the steam wand. By having control over the water temperature for espresso extraction without impacting the steam delivery, the user can make the necessary adjustments to get the perfect espresso without any negative repercussions. This is supported by two PID controllers and thermal stability which gives you extremely precise and consistent temperature stability for every single espresso shot.

The inclusion of a digital display is another feature which puts this machine above many other home espresso machines in its class. With this display, the user can make more advanced adjustments to the machine without needing to be a coffee machine engineer! The digital display allows for the easy adjustment of the dual boiler temperatures, displays shot times, alerts you when the water tank is low and even includes a “wake up” function that can switch on the machine at a pre-set time.

The Silvia Pro includes all of the features of a professional commercial coffee machine but at a fraction of the price and size, allowing you to create coffee to a barista standard without having to leave the house!

To get the best out of your machine, it is recommended that it is paired with the right grinder to allow you to get the perfect dose and grind size. We recommend either the Eureka Mignon, Mazzer Mini or Mahlkonig Vario which are discounted when purchased with either machine as an addon on our website!

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£528.00 (£440.00 + VAT)
£1,320.00 (£1,100.00 + VAT)
£352.80 (£294.00 + VAT)
£432.00 (£360.00 + VAT)
£618.00 (£515.00 + VAT)

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