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What’s a rental? – A rental is usually on a 36 month term contract where we install an all-in-one setup catered perfectly for your businesses exact requirements. We’ll ask all the important questions to find a package suited best for you..

Once your contracts over, return the machine back to us and upgrade or keep your existing setup on a lower rate. The choice is yours.

Rental agreements require sole supply of coffee from shopcoffee.co.uk.

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Fancy leasing a machine?

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When leasing a machine from us we’ll provide an all-in-one setup catered perfectly for your businesses exact requirements, much like a rental we’ll find out all we need by asking all the right questions so we can provide the best for you.

The main difference between a rental and a lease, is that once your contract is over, the machine and setup is yours to keep.

We can also offer a buy-back which allows you the option to trade-in and upgrade to a newer machine.

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How renting a machine works

How Lease-Purchasing a machine works

Please note that the above examples are only to give a very basic introduction to the process of rental and lease.
Prices & Contract Terms vary based on the contents of the package and upon approval.

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