The easiest way to get a smile! Everybody loves brewing tea & coffee, whether they are enthusiasts or not, they’ll always love a bit of brewing gear. Shop Coffee has got a great selection of some really special gifts.

A great range of absolutely stunning coffee brewers of all kinds, easy coffee brewers for beginners and some real pro-barista gear – a wonderful touch to the kitchen that will not go un-noticed.

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Gift Sets Under £100

Brew Tea Starter Kit – Gift Set

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Gift Sets Under £100

Easy Cuppa Tea Kit – Gift Set

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We’ve got something for everyone – Freshly roasted ground filter coffee with some real great blends to choose from - that traditional Earl grey or English breakfast tea that everybody loves - latte art stencils to master milk pitchers. Coffee Gear everywhere you go - Tea pots, Aeropress or cold brew coffee makers for the summer. Something for all times of the year.

With 100’s of products to choose from, narrow down your search by grabbing a ready-made gift set put together by professionals. Free delivery on all orders over £49 makes it even more of a no-brainer.

Can’t choose what’s best? Let them decide, with our gift cards starting from only £20 going up to £200. Sometimes the gift of choice is even better than that ‘thought that counts’. We’ve got it all covered!