Barista’s need style! It’s all good making a good cuppa coffee but come on – what’s up with the dress code? Get kitted up with aprons & apparel like the pro you are!

So here’s a selected range of top-quality products! Browse our range of barista aprons and apparel! – High quality and fabulous Barista Towels, every business needs the right equipment. Shop Coffee selects the best and beats prices to get you all that you deserve. Shop online.

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Aprons & Apparel

Rhinowares Barista Cloth Towel Set

Original price was: £9.96.Current price is: £9.71. (£8.09 + VAT)

Aprons & Apparel

Crema Pro Barista Towel

Original price was: £9.98.Current price is: £5.78. (£4.82 + VAT)
£3.19 (£2.66 + VAT)

Aprons & Apparel

Crema Pro Microfibre Cloth – 4 Pack

£17.02 (£14.18 + VAT)
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