Coffee Syphon brewing guide

Coffee Syphon Brewing Steps:

  1. First you will need to soak the cloth filter that comes with the coffee syphon in warm water for 5 minutes before placing it inside the top compartment of the syphon and hooking it into place.
  2. Next you need to add 300ml of water into the bottom compartment before attaching both parts together above your heat source. 
  3. While the water is heating up above the eat source you can grind your coffee. A coffee syphon works on a 1:15 ratio so for every 1g of coffee you will use 15ml of water, so for 300ml you will be using 20g of coffee ground to a medium texture.
  4. Once the water starts to boil it will transfer to the upper compartment and will leave a small amount in the bottom. When this happens, you can slightly turn down your heat source and add the ground coffee to the top compartment making sure to stir it all into the water.
  5. You’ll need to start your timer and leave the coffee to brew for just over a minute before turning off the heat source completely. The coffee in the top compartment will then filter down into the lower compartment leaving you with a complex cup of coffee that’s ready to serve.
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