Different Levels Of Coffee Roast

What you’ll learn about:

  • Light Roast
  • Medium Roast
  • Dark Roast

Different Levels Of Coffee Roast:

Light Roast 

Light Roasts tend to be very fruity and citrus flavoured coffees, due to the high level of oils still inside the beans lighter roasts can come across quite acidic if not extracted properly. They are typically very smooth with a gentle mouth feel with more of the natural flavours of the bean coming through. 

Medium Roast 

Medium Roasts can vary depending on the bean, some medium roasted coffees will be more towards the standard tastes of the lighter roast with a potential darker tasting note or can be the other way round. Medium roasts tend to be a good step for people looking to move away from the traditional darker roasts and ease their way into brighter coffees. 

Dark Roast 

Dark Roasts are synonymous with the traditional coffee flavours such as your chocolate, nutty and roasted flavours. Darker roasts tend to be the more well-known flavours with majority of coffee shops using a medium-dark level of roast due to the consistency and familiarity. 

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