Coffee Grinders - What to do?

Coffee Grinder – What to do?

Understanding how to adjust the size of your grind and dose and the impact it has on your coffee.

With your grinder there’s two things you can adjust:

  1. The amount of coffee you use which is called your Dose (for automatic grinders).
  2. The size of your coffee granules which is called your Grind.


  • The size of your dose has an impact on the strength and overall end taste of your espresso. 
  • Typically for 1 shot of espresso you would use anywhere from 7g-10g of coffee  
  • A double shot being twice the size is going to be roughly twice the amount so between 14g-20g


  • The size of your granules will alter the speed at which the water flows through your coffee. 
  • When it comes to altering size, you can go finer (Make the granules smaller) or coarser (Make the granules larger. 
  • Making your granules finer will increase the amount of time it takes for the water to pass through the coffee, by making the coffee coarser you would be increasing the speed of which the water passes through the coffee.  
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