Frequently asked questions About Super


Why use Super?

There are many reasons to use Super for payments, here are our top 4:

  1. Payments are secure and done directly through your mobile banking app or with your credit/debit card.
  2. Refunds for mobile banking app payments are instant, no waiting several days for them to come back into your account.
  3. When using mobile banking app payment, there is no need to pull out your credit/debit cards and enter all those numbers and codes again!
  4. When using mobile banking app payment, use fingerprint or Face ID via your banking app to make the payment.
  5. On Super payments, we may offer a cashback credit between 1-5% which you can use next time you shop with us!

Super Payments eliminates payment fees. This help grow businesses and help consumers save money with our cashback/savings and their Super for shoppers app.

Just continue with checkout as normal. Choose Super for payment and authenticate the payment through your banking app. No card details required! Or pay normally with Credit Card and benefit from promotional offers in cashback.

As soon as have accepted your cancellation/return, We will issue a refund via Super.

No waiting time for refunds once issued! Directly back into your bank account.

Payment information is processed securely directly through your banking app.

No card details are transferred to or held by All transactions take place via connections secured with the latest industry standard security protocols.

Once you’ve checked out, the payment will instantly be made and you’ll be redirected to the order confirmation page. Your order will be marked as processing and will be fulfilled as normal.

If you’ve cancelled before the order has been dispatched, we’ll process a refund and it will have no delay in reaching your bank account. (Mobile Bank Payments only).

Refunds shall be issued directly back into the bank account used to initially pay.

No problem, just contact us through our contact page, live chat or telephone for further help.

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