Chemex Coffee brewing guide

Cold Brew Coffee Brewing Steps:

  1. Start by getting your water to the correct temperature, if you’re using a temperature controlled kettle we are looking to bring the water to a temperature of 94 degrees but if you’re using a regular kettle we are looking for just off the boil.
  2. Next you’ll need to weigh out the correct amount of coffee, for every cup you’re looking to make I recommend you use 15g of coffee and then grind to a medium-coarse texture.
  3. Now you’ll need to prerinse the filter paper by placing it in the top of the Chemex and pouring some water through to remove that papery taste while simultaneously preheating the Chemex then pouring away this water without removing the filter.
  4. Add your coffee inside your pre-rinsed filter and add 45g/ml of water over the surface of the coffee to allow it to bloom. You do this to allow trapped gases inside of the coffee to escape and provide a more even extraction.
  5. The bloom sequence should take roughly 30 seconds now you can add to the remainder of your water to take the weight up to 225g. Its important when pouring that you pour slowly and in concentric circles meaning you start in the middle and slowly go in a circular motion outward towards the edge of the filter paper.
  6. At this point you’re just waiting for the coffee to run dry before removing the filter paper, giving the Chemex a spin to oxidise the coffee and then serving your coffee.
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