How we re-use, reduce and recycle packaging


We use recycled kraft paper and cardboard boxes for packaging most of your orders. We keep all good boxes received by suppliers and ensure they are reused where possible, and we’ll recycle all the rest of them – this hugely reduces the amount of cardboard waste in our warehouse.

We have stock boxes we will use where necessary which are also 100% recyclable, so we rely on our customers to do the same thing as us – reuse and recycle all packaging!

Our plain kraft boxes are all recyclable and/or reusable. Any fragile items in your order will be wrapped in kraft paper and carefully padded with recycled materials.

  • No Plastic or Bubble Wrap!
  • Very minimal waste – we try to recycle or reuse everything
  • Only kraft boxes that are 100% recyclable and reusable.

Exceptions will only occur when we reuse what has been sent to us by other suppliers

It has to start somewhere!

Many other companies use large quantities of shredded paper and cardboard, polystyrene, bubble wrap, air filled plastic and other methods, all of which are less environmentally friendly.

A lot of the time we try to recycle any of these types of materials we receive in our own deliveries – so if you receive a delivery with some of the above methods of packing, it is because we want to reuse it – however, we would never purchase these for our own stock packaging materials.

We also work hard with our suppliers to ensure they are sending as many products as possible with recyclable packaging and encourage our customers to recycle the packaging again when they have finished with it.

Recycling & Reusing:

Our recycling policy is second to none! Hardly anything goes to waste (unless it’s 100% beyond-reusable).

We recycle and reuse ALL waste cardboard.

  • Very minimal waste – we try to recycle or reuse everything
  • We reuse packaging received by other suppliers, so you may get some reused plastic 
  • But we NEVER buy plastic or any unrecyclable packaging ourselves.

⛔ Plastic:

We don’t buy, stock or source any plastic packaging at all – The only time plastics are used for our packaging is when we’ve received some from a supplier and we reuse it for packaging your order. We always stock packaging that is recyclable and we are also working hard to make a large proportion of our products to be packaged from manufacturers in recyclable materials.

✅ Biodegradable/Recyclable:

We’ve worked hard in the last few years to make the switch to biodegradable. We’ve discontinued many lines of non-bio packaging and try to encourage our customers to also make the switch so we can go completely plastic-free in our disposables range and get rid of anything that has a large environmental impact.

The Packaging We Buy Ourselves:

Despite reusing other non-desirable packaging received from other suppliers to reduce waste. We only ever buy the following packaging ourselves:

  • Plain Kraft Boxes – 100% Recyclable
  • Kraft Paper Tape 100% Recyclable
  • Kraft Paper for filling empty spaces in boxes to ensure no damage or breakages – 100% Recyclable

What are your thoughts?, How can we improve?

We have to reuse, to reduce wastage, this is our biggest concern, but if everybody reuses, it reduces the amount purchased of newly produced packaging, we work hard to only buy good 100% recyclable materials ourselves.

Any suggestions, please do comment!

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