Guide to starting up a coffee shop

Guide to starting up a coffee shop

You have taken the first step!

You have decided you want to start your own Coffee Shop or Café
..but where do you go from here?

Learn from our experience..

We aim to make the journey from idea to delivery as easy as possible. Using over 30 years of experience in the coffee industry working with businesses to maximise sales and drive business growth, we will share with you our knowledge directly from within the industry.

main requirements

The fundamental first steps are the machine and the coffee.

The theatre and expertise of using a Traditional Espresso Machine or the consistency and ease of using a Bean to Cup machine?

Offering your customers a Dark Roast Blend or Light Roast Single Origin or a Custom Blend that you can also retail?

This all links in to your desired market and how you are looking to create your very own unique selling point to draw customers in.


Don’t forget to think about

Other points to consider are understanding the market demands in your area..

Are people looking for an artisan speciality coffee shop which provides a drinking experience that can be enjoyed, or are they looking for a take away experience to grab a quick coffee on the way to work?



How will you get your message out there through social media?

Honing in your barista skills and providing the perfect coffee with art is the easiest way to get your Instagram presence up and draw in the crowds. Or a great pricing structure to attract people to your business on the morning commute or for a quick lunch stop.


Alternative offerings

Also, how can we forget the non-coffee drinkers!

The correct range of teas ensuring enough choice but not overwhelming the customer as well as hot chocolate and even cold drink options.

There are many avenues to explore, but we are here to help guide you through from understanding your motivation behind the desire to offer coffee and what drives it to actually delivering on that idea and ensuring you have the perfect coffee and hot beverage set up.

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