How many coffee cups can i get from 1kg of beans?

The million gram question..

Coffee beans are usually measured in grams and purchased for home or business in 250g, 500g or even 1kg bags.
In this article we’ll cover all types of “beans per cup” and a we’ve got a little bonus chart to show you what’s what!

The question is; how many cups of coffee can I get from lets say, 1 kilograms of coffee beans?

Coffee Fact.. Green beans weigh much more than roasted coffee beans (that’s another topic altogether!)
Did you know that you lose almost 20% of weight when roasting coffee beans! That means from a 10kg roast you’ll be left with only 8kg of roasted beans. Read our blog on Green Beans to Roasted Beans to find out more.

So, an industry standard dose for a single shot of coffee is 7 grams per cup. That’s around 56 coffee beans (depending on many factors of course).

For a 1kg bag of coffee beans you should expect to get around 120-140 cups of coffee. Based on variable data and on a standard single shot coffee.

If we’re going double shot all the way, you’re looking at around half of that at around 60-70 cups of coffee per 1kg of beans.

That leaves us with an average of 90-105 cups of coffee per kilogram. This figure represents the above factors taken into consideration, some double-shots, some single shots etc.

How many cups for 1kg of coffee beans?

Take a look below for a quick representation of the above..

1 KG

It’s always safe to assume we’ll have some wastage and sneaky baristas making a few of their own specialities so please bear in mind the above is just an average usage of beans per cup.

We hope you enjoyed this article.

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29 thoughts on “How many cups for 1kg of coffee beans?

  1. madison says:

    Great informative post, thanks for sharing! It is very helpful for customers who are new to buying whole beans and grinding their own roasts – plus it is always nice to have someone else do the math for you, as it were.There is nothing worse than underestimating your coffee consumption and running low on beans!

  2. Bede says:

    Thanks for the information it was great to learn the cost of filter coffee against espresso machine coffee.

  3. Shop Coffee says:


    Good question!

    This depends entirely upon the coffee bean used; where it’s from and it’s own individual properties.

    However, it is worth mentioning that Robusta coffee beans generally have around double the content of caffeine than Arabica coffee beans.

    The taste of Robusta is alot stronger and provides crema which is why many roasters mix a little robusta into their Arabic coffee to create a stronger more caffeinated blend.

    Hope this helps 🙂

  4. Sam Sempangi says:

    Dear Shop Coffee,

    Suppose I get 1kg of coffee beans roast it to 800gms and the ground it

    How much instant coffee can I get after brewing the 800gms? Please note your answer should be in gms. Not cups/teaspoon

    Please reply to my email


  5. Shop Coffee says:

    Hi Sam,

    If you’re talking about unroasted/green beans roasted from 1kg; losing around 20% to give you a final; 800 grams of roasted coffee, then you ground this coffee:

    You are left with ground coffee not instant coffee.

    So the answer is that this is a trick question.

    If we’ve misunderstood the question, please reply with clarification.


  6. roland.s says:

    Generally a single shot with 7gr of coffee, achieves 30ml espresso. For espresso, a single shot espresso single shot glass would suffice.

    For milk-based, depending on the menu in the café, they may use a single shot for an 8oz or even 12oz. A lot of cafes offer an additional shot as an extra.

    It’s all variable depending on requirements and drink recipes, but the above is just an example.

  7. Josh says:

    Hello! Silly question, but what about 1kg of ground coffee rather than coffee beans? Will it produce the same number of coffees? Or does it make no difference?

  8. roland.s says:

    There’s no right or wrong with what amount goes into a single, double or triple.
    The above calculations are based on the most popular double shot (14g)

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