Modbar Espresso System AV Tap


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Modbar addons
Modbar drip tray

Modbar addons

Complete your setup

  • Extra tap (2nd group) *

    With this you will essentially have 2 group heads, being able to use 2 portafilters.

  • ABR and Drip Tray *

    Each KIT is for each "group head".

    If you will have 1 tap, you can only purchase KIT1.

    If you will have 2 taps, you can purchase KIT1+KIT2 together.

    If you will have 2 taps, KIT2 is optional.

    Drip trays are included as standard with KIT1 and KIT2.

Modbar drip tray

Optional addon

  • Add a drip tray *

Modbar Espresso System AV Tap £9,055.20
Modbar addons
Extra tap (2nd group) -
ABR and Drip Tray -
Modbar drip tray
Add a drip tray -
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