That time of the year…

It’s gift season again.

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Everybody loves brewing tea & coffee, whether they are enthusiasts or not, they’ll always love a bit of brewing gear.

🎁 Shop Coffee offers a great selection of some really special gifts.

A great range of absolutely stunning coffee brewers of all kinds, easy coffee brewers for beginners and some real pro-barista gear – a wonderful touch to the kitchen that will not go un-noticed.

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Can’t choose what’s best? Let them decide, with our gift cards starting from only £20 going up to £200.

Sometimes the gift of choice is even better than that ‘thought that counts’. We’ve got it all covered!

When you add your gift card to your basket, you’ll be presented with the following options at checkout:

  1. Send the gift card to yourself, to use later on.
  2. Send the gift card to someone else.
  3. Send different gift cards to different people.
  4. Choose to send it now, or choose a specific date to have it sent (i.e. A special occasion).
  5. Leave a personal message on the gift card email.

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