Pesado believes that excellent coffee comes from precision. Based in Melbourne, Pesado creates high-quality coffee tools prioritizing functionality and aesthetics. Their signature product, the Pesado 58.5 Tamper, features a 316-grade stainless steel base for optimal tamping. They handcraft wooden handles from sustainable materials and offer modular designs combining stainless steel and modern thermoplastic. Pesado’s stainless steel portafilters, diffuser screens, and baskets ensure durability and exceptional performance. They also offer the Pesado milk jug, dosing cup, and a barista bag and apron made from durable canvas and leather. Pesado is dedicated to coffee perfectionists worldwide.

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Original price was: £96.00.Current price is: £90.72. (£75.60 + VAT)
Original price was: £116.00.Current price is: £113.11. (£94.26 + VAT)
Original price was: £116.00.Current price is: £113.11. (£94.26 + VAT)
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