Meet CAFELIER C2, the world’s first automatic cleaning device for professional espresso machines.

Your baristas can now clean the shower screens easily and effortlessly during the work day process to ensure perfect coffee flavour all day everyday.
Great coffee quickly becomes poor coffee when baristas only clean the shower screens daily.
One cycle lasts just 10 seconds.
Create first-class cleaning efficacy every hour, and let your customers enjoy a perfect cup of coffee any time during the day.

We’ll be the exclusive distributors in the UK and are due our first shipment in August 2021 – NOW IN!

Excellently prepared coffee depends on the practice, knowledge of coffee tasting, and ultimately the consistency of the employee.

After all, a perfectly prepared espresso also depends on the right degree of hygiene of the coffee machine, which often goes unnoticed – Says Allen Robnik, former barista and now, CEO & Founder of the product Cafelier.

They say coffee is a hug in a cup, that coffee doesn’t ask stupid questions, but simply understands us.

When it comes to coffee, we are quite attentive and picky in the preparation and pre-preparation of the espresso, we also pay attention to the taste and appearance of the coffee.

The current method of cleaning has been unchanged for over a hundred years.

Properly prepared espresso is a real rarity, there are a few handful bars that follow all the written rules and knowing what it takes to make a good espresso shots.

The product is an intuitive automatic electrical device powered by a powerful battery.

Cafelier is an innovative automatic product that facilitates and significantly shortens the cleaning time of coffee machines in the Café.
Cafelier makes sure that the coffee retains its original taste and aroma and maintains the coffee quality throughout the day.

Cafelier is compatible with most professional coffee machines.

The device looks very similar to any standard coffee handle, and the installation system on the coffee machine is practically the same.

To be precise with this attachment we cover up more than 70% of the machines market.

However, cleaning with our product is more than simple.

At the touch of a button, the Cafelier cleans the coffee filter for ten seconds, fully automatic cleaning process and ensuring that every coffee served is the way every coffee drinker wants it.

Today with Cafelier you can clean your espresso machine even 50 times a day, and not only at the end of the shift.

Expect more

Keeping your espresso machine clean is essential for making tasty espressos.
Our little ‘blind’ filter enables you to clean all the oils & burnt coffee out of the shower screen, keeping your coffee flowing smoothly.
Elegant, smooth, simply beautiful with a touch of clean Slovenian design. Cleaner is better!

Blind Filter – Enables you to clean all the oils & burnt coffee out of the shower screen, keeping your coffee flowing smoothly.

Perfect cleaning
  • No bitter or burnt coffee flavour taste.

3 easy steps

  • Attach, wait 10 seconds, detach

User Friendly

  • High-end materials are designed to keep you and your espresso machine unharmed.


  • The product is certified for sale according to IEC 62133 and UN 38.3.


Included in Package

  • 1 x Cafelier C2
  • 1 x Replaceable Cafelier brush
  • 1 x Blind filter
  • 1 x Cafelier charger (UK)
  • 1 x Instruction manual
  • 1 x Quick start guide
  • 1 x Warranty card

Cafelier C2 Standard Fits perfectly for:

  • Ascaso
  • BFC
  • Elektra
  • Expobar
  • Fiorenzato
  • Futura
  • Galileo
  • Grimac
  • Kees Van Der Western
  • Kinkel
  • La Scala
  • La Marzocco
  • OFC
  • Rancilio
  • Rocket
  • SanRemo
  • Slayer
  • Synchro
  • Synesso
  • VFA

Customizable Fit (Need to check model) The pins can be turned by 40 degrees

  • Astoria
  • Conti
  • Faema
  • La Cimbali
  • Lelit
  • Nuova Simonelli
  • Victoria Arduino
  • Wega

Cafelier has a standard attachment. The metal attachment of Cafelier can be adjustable.


1. How long will one brush last?
With the new PEKALON II brush lifetime might differ, but it will last at least 2-3 months.Some bending of the bristles may occur with the first use but that is normal.
2. How long does the battery last?
The battery can do around 350 cycles on one charge.LED lights will indicate when it is empty.
3. Can it be used with cleaning powders and chemicals?
Of course, it’s advised that at the end of the shift you use some cleaning product to fully clean your espresso machine.
4. What is the warranty?
The warranty for the product is 1 years.
5. Who manufactures Cafelier?
Cafelier is design, engineered and hand-assembled in Slovenia.Software and technology are all developed in-house.
6. Do I have to still clean manually?
With regular usage of Cafelier, manual cleaning is eliminated.
7. Do we have to use a blind handle?
In Cafelier C2 you already have a blind filter added into the package as an extra.In this case you no longer need a blind handle.
8. How many times should Cafelier be used during the day?
Keeping your espresso machine clean is essential for making tasty espressos.We highly recommend by our standards that Cafelier should be used every 30-40 espresso brewed.
9. How long does the battery charge?
The battery charging cycle is approx. 30 minutes. LED lights will indicate when it is full.
10. Will Cafelier fit my espresso machine?
The Cafelier fits on professional and semi-professional coffee machines.It’s a standard size and it fits for 57-58mm portafilter.


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