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Dual Fuel coffee machines can run off both electricity & gas. Making them the perfect (some would argue the only) choice for mobile catering on-the-go.

Dual fuel coffee machines operate on gas & 12v battery or mains electricity.

To learn more about traditional coffee machines in general, please see our blog:

“All about traditional espresso machines”

Dual fuel

These feature a combination of either a semi-automatic machine or an electronic machine with a gas option.

Ideal for mobile catering.

Machine Size – do you have the space?

When operating from a small van, size could be a huge factor to consider

Generally, Dual Fuel machines don’t have compact options, so you may need to go down one group head when considering the space available on your worktop!

Group heads are where your portafilters go, the more group heads, the more portafilters and simultaneous brewing can be achieved.

1 Group

Featuring 1 group head

2 Group

Featuring 2 group heads

3 Group

Featuring 3 group heads

What else do I need?

It’s essential to have the correct setup, let’s dive in to what’s needed for an ideal mobile catering setup. Take a look at the diagram below, you’ll need everything shown, configured correctly. On all our Dual Fuel Coffee Machines, you’ll see the option to add these on directly from the same page, saving you time and hassle and ensuring you have all you need to get going.

More about the manufacturers – Fracino


British Made Espresso Machines


The Fracino 1 ,2 and 3 group Contempo and Retro coffee machines are available as a dual fuel option.


With the same great specification as our standard 1 ,2 and 3 group machines, but with the option to use LPG, Butane or electricity, they provide unrivalled flexibility and mobility whilst still retaining high volume output.


These machines are ideal for mobile catering units and ‘espresso on the go’.


During Gas operation, the control systems and rotary pump, where fitted, require a 240v electricity supply at up to 350w. This low power requirement can be easily provided by a 12v gel battery and 12v-240v Inverter to enable fully ‘off-grid’ mobile operation.


A pressurised water supply is required by all models in the range. We recommend the use of the Flojet pump system when the equipment is to be connected to portable water containers.


The high powered gas burners for these machines provide the equivalent power of their electric counterparts, ensuring that there will be no loss of steam pressure during busy serving periods. Fracino are proud to claim that their gas machines are the most powerful in the world.

18 thoughts on “Is A Dual Fuel Espresso Machine Right For My Mobile Catering Van?

  1. Etienne says:

    Hello, I would like to rent a dual fuel group 1 machine for my catering trailer , any idea where to ?

    Thank you

  2. David Beech says:

    Hi, I am looking at setting up a coffee van. I’ve not much idea of what sort of machine or set up I would want. Would you be able to recommend one. It will be being fit in the back of a Ford transit. I am new to the industry so any help at all would be grateful

  3. Tess Robinson says:

    I need a coffee Machine installation and barista training package for my horsebox mobile coffee business. Please advice

  4. Nicola Mclellan says:

    Hi I am looking to get a coffee machine for my coffee and cake van not a clue where to start hoping you could help me out on deciding what one would be best

  5. Mike byford says:

    Hi! My daughter is setting up a horse box coffee/cake hot potatoes van etc she has used coffee machines before but is not up to speed on different models etc. We really don’t know whether to use gas or electric.. price will be a big consideration… could you please give me some ideas, including prices and associated plumbing install, I know she wants at least a two head? Thankyou very much, mike

  6. Martin Gabler says:

    Hi I am wanting set up my own coffee van and require help coffee machine selection as as information on how hard it is to self install or do you have installers you can recommend .thx Martin

  7. roland.s says:

    Hello Martin.
    Please get in touch with us, you can leave us an email, give us a call or use the webchat.
    We’ll try to help the best we can.

  8. Bethany O'Dwyer says:

    Hello, I need all equipment related to setting up a horsebox coffee shop (I have the horsebox already) and was wondering if you can help with install and giving me some quotes for what your machines cost and the best one to go with? Brand new to this so any help is hugely appreciated:)

  9. Rosa's Palace says:

    I need pricing and advise on startup of duel fuel machine in a horsebox please. Batista machine, grinder, water softener, pump and container please, 1 or 2 stage. Thank you

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