Coffee Shop Trends that may shape in 2019


Coffee in itself is a big business all over the world. There are millions of people who drink coffee on a regular basis. Coffee shops are popping up in every big city around the globe.

However, that does not mean that the industry is not changing.

There are newer and newer coffee-based beverages available. The trends in the coffee industry are also changing.

We will today highlight some of the changing trends in the coffee industry which are sure to make an impact in 2019.

Coffee isn’t going anywhere

The first thing which most of the coffee shops need to understand is that traditional coffee is not going anywhere.

Even if newer products and offerings come through, 2019 will mix things up. The conventional coffee is not going anywhere. That is why, as long as your store can serve some delicious coffee, you can be sure that the patrons will keep coming.

The younger audience

In the early days, the coffee drinking population was over the age of 25. In most of the cases, people going to work on a daily basis drank coffee in the morning.

However, that is changing fast. These days, people as young as 13 to 18 are drinking coffee.

That is why newer trends are emerging like the cappuccino and espresso. Moreover, coffee is being mixed with ice creams as well as various other foodstuffs to make it even more interesting.

The coffee drinking population will become younger in the year 2019.
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Coffee is now mainstream

Up until now, coffee has been considered to be a hot beverage. It can rejuvenate you, and it can provide you with extra energy and enthusiasm.

That is why it is often had in the morning. There is also a variant of coffee which we know by the name of cold coffee. It is the one which mixes ice cream of various other flavours into it. However, in the year 2019, it is expected that it will no longer be a novelty. Many youngsters find it better than traditional coffee. Even though it caters to the premium segment, but in the year 2019, will it go mainstream?

Nitro coffee

Nitrogen has already entered the ice cream and dessert industry. The next forte could be the coffee industry. In the year 2019, nitro coffee could become more and more mainstream.

Many coffee chains are already experimenting with the concept. If the consumers like the coffee, sure enough, nitro coffee will become a staple rather than just a niche product. That is why this is one trend which you should watch out for if you own a coffee store and want to make it big in the year 2019.

Better supply chains

Most of the consumers prefer organic and locally produced beverages. That is why it is time to go local and procure the beans and coffee from the local vendors. It will allow you to create an experience around the coffee which you have on offer. As a result, coffee connoisseurs (the link will take you to a different webpage) and regular coffee drinkers will prefer your store over the others, where there is no local or organic coffee.


So, if you’re looking for coffee shop trends in 2019, these are the five trends which you should look into. These five trends will allow you to make your store stand out among the plethora of coffee stores which are available these days. It will allow you to boost your business by a significant amount in the year 2019.

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