16g Coffee in. 32g Espresso Out. 25 second Extraction Time

Espresso Brewing Steps:

  1. Start with grinding 16g of your coffee to a fine texture similar to sugar into your portafilter basket and tamp down using reasonable force to level and compact your coffee. The size of your grind and the amount of coffee you use is going to have a big effect on the outcome of your espresso shot
  2. Once you have tamped the coffee you will need to wipe the top of your portafilter basket to remove any loose grounds to ensure a solid seal before attaching your handle to your espresso machines group head
  3. With your double handle attached to your machine with a double portion of coffee loaded into its basket its time to run the water through. If your machine has a timer built keep an eye on it but if not its best to have a timer ready that you can start the moment you press the button to start the water and stop again when the water has run its course
  4. We are looking for the shot to take roughly 25 seconds resulting in an attractive espresso, with a good crema and balanced flavours. Should your shot run drastically quicker or slower you will experience either under extraction or over extraction of the coffee

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