Aeropress brewing guide

AeroPress Brewing Steps:

  1. Start by bringing your kettle up to 94 degrees if you’re using a temperature-controlled kettle or should you be using a regular kettle just off the boil
  2. Insert one Aeropress filter paper into the filter basket that comes with it and very carefully pour some hot water through it to prerinse the paper. The reason we do this is to remove any of that paper taste and ensure that you only get the purest flavour of coffee when pressing
  3. Clip the filter basket onto the main chamber of the Aeropress (With the numbers on the side) and place onto your cup
  4. Now you’ll need to grind your coffee to a medium-fine texture and for this recipe you’ll be using 16g of coffee. Once its been ground you can place inside the chamber of your Aeropress. Should you be using pre-ground coffee or don’t have facilities to weigh your coffee then the Aeropress does come with a small scoop which equates to roughly 16g when scooped.
  5. The next step is to add your water up to the top number of the Aeropress and start your timer. You’ll then need to stir your coffee with the stirrer in your set roughly 10 times, what this does is agitate the coffee to release excess gasses resulting in a more even extraction.
  6. Once the timer reaches two minutes its time to insert your plunger and press down firmly until you hear a hissing noise coming from the base of the Aeropress. When you hear that noise you can slightly pull back on the plunger to stop any dripping from the Aeropress and your coffee is ready to drink

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