During 2011 Espresso Products was granted exclusive UK Distributor of the Tiamo range of products. Born out of necessity we have created this web shop to present some of the vast range of exquisite coffee brewing products and accessories.
With new products being added all the time the Tiamo Store will keep you updated with new innovations as they arrive.
The TIAMO range is really well placed for today's cost conscious market place.

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Hand Coffee Grinder

Tiamo Hand Grinder Flat Black

£23.99 (£19.99 + VAT)
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£25.19 (£20.99 + VAT)
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£129.59 (£107.99 + VAT)
£15.24 (£12.70 + VAT)
£14.96 (£12.47 + VAT)
£46.19 (£38.49 + VAT)

Glasses, Cups & Tableware

Tiamo V60 / V02 Server Glass (0.36L)

£14.29 (£11.91 + VAT)