When the coffee products were imported from foreign countries at high cost, Tiamo was established with a mission to develop high-quality and affordable coffee equipment, and to make natural, delicious, and healthy coffee popular in people’s lives.

Tiamo, as a coffee equipment supplier, provides highly stable products following strict quality control over materials and production, conducting final inspections before packing. They firmly believe that stable and good quality serve as the basis for any brand and enterprise. Tiamo intends to earn a good reputation from customers through a commitment to good quality and reasonable prices.

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Hand Coffee Grinder

Tiamo Hand Grinder Slim Black 25g

£30.96 (£25.80 + VAT)
£29.87 (£24.89 + VAT)

Barista Accessories

Tiamo Cupping Bowl 200ml – 6 Pack

£38.56 (£32.13 + VAT)

Glasses, Cups & Tableware

Tiamo V60 / V02 Server Glass (0.36L)

£19.15 (£15.96 + VAT)


Tiamo Thermometer Stick

£18.40 (£15.33 + VAT)
Original price was: £179.08.Current price is: £171.60. (£143.00 + VAT)
£49.22 (£41.02 + VAT)
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