If an item is out of stock you may see the following notice on the product page:

Out of stock - available on backorder

This usually means that the order has been placed on backorder with our suppliers and we are expecting it to be with us as soon as it becomes available.

However, on occasion we may not have a solid lead-time on when we expect it to be with us.

On most occasions we will also add a notice to let you know when we expect it to be available.

Something like this will be displayed on the product page:

We try our best to be as transparent as possible and we will provide as much information as we have on backorders.

When placing a backorder, you will automatically be given priority of stock when we receive it, which means this is on a first-come first-serve basis.

During busy periods, Post-Brexit and the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have had an increase in delays from Non-UK Manufacturers and therefore we request you only to purchase items on backorder if you are happy to wait.

Orders that contain “In Stock” and “Backorder” Items

Where possible, we will send out in-stock items straight away, however if you have placed a low-value order which will cost too much to justify separate delivery costs, we may give you the option to:

  1. send all the items together when available,
  2. cancel the backorder; or
  3. split the order into separate orders

Splitting order would mean postage costs may be payable for each delivery.

This is entirely dependant on the specific order, which country it is going to and the lead-time for any out-of-stock items on the order.


You may cancel your backorder at any given time, however, if you cancel a backorder you will lose your priority of stock.

We currently don’t charge any fees for cancelling backorders.

However, we recommend placing backorders ONLY if you are happy with waiting.